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Ryan Williams
Williams-Grand Canyon News
Expertise: Managing Editor
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Ryan Williams is the Managing Editor of the Williams-Grand Canyon News.
Q: *Is there a doctor or a Hospital in Williams?
A: Yes. North Country HealthCare - Williams Clinic. (928) 635-4441.
Q: *That is a good article about the disabled veteran traveling across the country. Williams has several young men that have served in Iraq and Afghan. From the first Iraq was to the present. Why not honor them with a few feature articles instead of waiting for someone to pass through?
A: Great idea. Please email me with the names of the veterans you mention. Do you have phone numbers?
Q: *If comments have gone to Facebook. How do we see comments by others? I'm not the computer savvy.
A: All approved comments are still visible under the stories on our website just as they always have been. We just moderate the comments through Facebook now. And yes, we do moderate comments per our terms of use. We don't allow libelous, defamatory or mean spirited comments (among other things). Here are the terms of use:
Q: *So what's going on with the Grand Canyon Cafe? Please keep us a breast of what's going on with the merchants of this town. You're our only spouse of information. Don't like Facebook.
A: The Grand Canyon Cafe is moving into the Red Garter Building. Look for an upcoming story in the Williams News. Some people like Facebook, some people don't. You are not alone.
Q: *Hi Ryan and Mr. Wells. When you answer a question from the "ask the editor" please don't ask a question when someone is asking a question and they just want an answer. It doesn't matter what they want to do with the answer or why they asked the question, just answer the question. Don't direct them more where else. YOU answer the question. Others want to know the answer too and you're the man with the job. You're getting paid to inform the people with their queries, not brush them off. Newspapers inform and should show both sides of every issue. This will make your paper better and more interesting. Just do it!
A: Keith, Thanks for your comment. I answer the questions as best I can. I just looked back at a few entries and they all have answers. You're not asking me a question. Do you have one? As far as directing people to the right person to answer a particular question - sometimes that is probably the fastest way for someone to get an answer. While this feature on our website is called Ask An Expert, that's a bit misleading. I'm in no way an expert on everything. I do know how to pick up the phone and ask questions though. I think sometimes folks should try that first. Put a little effort in. As you say "just do it." But, I'll redouble my efforts.
Q: *Hello Ryan, Is there any information about what type of 'theme park' might be in consideration for Williams? It is great to see new opportunities being created for jobs and entertainment in the local area. By the way, you really are taller than the picture on the website makes you look. Keep up the good work, we really appreciate the work your team does for the newspaper. Paul and Bea Smith
A: Hi Paul, Not much in the way of specifics at this time. The Theme Park District Board has not announced when their first meeting will take place. Once that meeting takes place more details could become available. Or not. Thanks for reading and thanks for the kind words!
Q: *I don't have a question, but a comment. I moved here with my husband and daughters six months ago and I love Williams! The schools are awesome, being close enough to flag to shop is awesome, bit the best part has been your paper!! It informs of me of everything going on that I don't "just know" like everyone who has lived here forever. So thank you.
A: Thanks for your comment. We like positive feedback!
Q: *RE: Printing "controversial" questions & comments. Good journalism is showing/discussing both sides of an issue without prejudice. For many years, this newspaper has only printed what they liked and quite often that was only one side of an issue. Don't you think it is time to return to the practice of good and proper journalism? I am a feature writer for a magazine, my editor would not print a story if I did not show both sides of a situation!!!!!!
A: Hi Dane, We work hard to print local, unbiased news. As the editor, I don't have an agenda. We try to cover all sides of an issue. It's hard to address your "question" when you have not provided any concrete examples of our so called "prejudiced" journalism. I'd love to know what we're missing news-wise or which stories you think are one sided. Then we could have a proper conversation. Thanks.
Q: *Why aren't all the comments citizens have submitted concerning the "Editorial: School staff turnover solution needed" being posted?
A: If a comment violates our Terms of Use we don't post it. The fastest way a comment doesn't get posted is if it is libelous or defamatory. Accusations that can't be proven don't get posted either. If something is mean spirited it likely gets left behind as well.
Q: *Please answer these questions. They're not controversial. One, who do we report eyesores in the town and second, how much money does the city council make? Please list.
A: Call the main city number and tell them you want to report an eyesore. The number is (928) 635-4451. Council members make $400 per month.
Q: *Ryan, can you tell me who to contact at city hall to get a list of all city employees, their titles and how much they get paid? This is public record so no privacy laws are violated.
A: Call the main number and ask. You can request the information under Arizona open records law. I'm sure the front desk folks will direct you to a person that can help you. The question is why do you feel you need a list of ALL employees and their salaries? And what do you plan to do with it? Hopefully you will use some discretion.
Q: *When is the paper ever going to post the salaries of the city employees? We've asked several times and get no reply? We don't want this town to turn into Bell, California where some of their employees were getting paid tons of taxpayer money! What is the paper hiding by refusing to post this?
A: We're not hiding anything. I'm pretty sure the city of Williams isn't becoming Bell, California. We're not running the salaries of city employees in print because we don't see a problem brewing. I'm sure those employees appreciate a little privacy. If you are really concerned and think there is something to find head down to city hall and ask the front desk folks to tell you how much they make. But seriously, you can request the information on your own if you're so inclined.
Q: *What happened? I thought Williams was rid of the Hog Rally?
A: The Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce successfully bid to have the event return this year. Watch for hundreds of motorcycle riders return to town the weekend of June 5-7.
Q: *When is William's clean up day and who do we report neighbors who's yards are an eyesore?
A: Clean up day is this Saturday.
Q: *My sources tell me that a stop order was put on the construction of the Luv's truck stop? hmmmm
A: No stop order as evidenced by the construction north of I-40.
Q: *Why isn't the Sled Dog event announced in the Williams and Grand Canyon news!!??
A: We ran a story in this week's edition of the News. Page 12. The Chamber ran an ad on the same page. They ran an ad last week as well. The story is at the top right of this website. We also posted a link to the story on our Facebook page. Search Williams News to "like" the page if you would like. Sorry you missed the story.
Q: *Ryan, I think it would be great to have the Williams reporter actually be a resident in Williams. I'm sure there are specific reasons, but is there any way we can have our reporter for our news be an actual resident? I feel that a Williams resident will actually understand and value the Williams news more than someone commuting from Flagstaff. Thanks for all you do!
A: When a reporter position becomes available we run an advertisement seeking qualified applicants. Sometimes we don't get an applicant from Williams. Sometimes we don't. But, the position always goes to the person who is most qualified to do the job. That's how it works anywhere. Our current Williams reporter is fantastic. I know she values quality reporting and she does an excellent job for the Williams community. She spends more time in Williams than in Flagstaff. Where a reporter sleeps at night has no bearing on their commitment to the community or the quality of their work. Thanks.
Q: *hey ryan whats with all the mexicans in town lately?
A: I haven't noticed "all the mexicans." Are you worried? I wouldn't be...
Q: *Ryan, The paper has a section titled, "Events calendar week of...." Is it not possible to include days and times of City Council meetings, P & Z meetings, etc? Additionally if you were to also list sports contests at WHS, with opponent and times of games, it would might help to increase attendance at all these functions? Thanks for your response.
A: All good ideas. We'll get working on it. Thanks.
Q: *Hi Ryan Could you please tell us when the zip line will be removed? Why is it taking longer to take it down than putting it up? Thank you.
A: Williams City Manager Brandon Buchanan said the owner of the zipline plans to re-submit a request to operate the zipline in the current location. He would go before the historic commission, P&Z and the council again. The city is not asking him to take the zipline down until that process happens.
Q: *Ryan... How many of your staff at the Williams News actually live IN Williams?
A: Eight out of 10 staff members live in Williams. The other two (myself included) drive to Williams at least Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekend. If you do the math, that works out to be 80 percent.
Q: *How did Williams AZ get popular
A: Some likely contributing factors: it's a Route 66 town, it's close to the Grand Canyon, it's been around quite awhile with an interesting history, it is located in a beautiful part of northern Arizona and our local Chamber of Commerce has tirelessly promoted Williams as fantastic vacation spot for years.
Q: *Hi I was planning to move to Williams next year and will be looking for a job. I was wondering when the tourist season starts in Williams?
A: Tourist season starts to pick up in April and usually lasts into October.
Q: *Does the williams and grand Canyon paper announce the dates and times of all Planning and Zoning meetings, City Council meetings and so on on a regular basis? Is it in the printed paper and on the web news? All meetings throughout the Grand Canyon and Williams should be announced 2 or 3 times so that the people can be reminded and therefore make plans to attend. You are our lifeline. We need the papers as an important part of information!
A: We do publish meeting times and agenda items when possible. The Williams City Council meets the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 7 p.m. The P&Z Commission meets more sporadically. We'll keep you informed.
Q: *My church is in a city close to Williams. Could we advertise the location and time in your church news area of the Williams paper?
A: Please contact our Advertising Director Connie Hiemenz directly at She can help you out.

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